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Based in Illinois, Midwest Concrete Cutting is a family owned business that desires to serve our client's projects and teams in excellence and integrity. We provide 24 hours 7 day a week service. Union shop.


Founder: Midwest Concrete Cutting, Inc. was founded by Brent Hulett in 2001.

President: Christina Munoz, the daughter of Brent Hulett, spent seven years as the director of children's programming at a non-profit organization and five years as a trial lawyer before joining Midwest Concrete Cutting, Inc. 

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Lead Operator: Nicholas Hulett has been with Midwest Concrete Cutting since its beginning. With fourteen years of experience, there is 

Project Executive: Ronald Munoz

 with the goal of providing quality service at a competitive price to companies throughout the Chicagoland and northern Indiana area. For the last sixteen years, Brent Hulett and his son, Nicholas Hulett, have used their considerable experience and expertise in concrete cutting and drilling to tackle an extensive array of projects. 

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